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Want to become a true tequila lover? Here’s your chance to enhance your experience it. Become a member and receive unique and exclusive tequilas every month. 

Receive Hand-Picked & Exclusive Tequilas

By becoming a Viva Tequila Festival Member you can increase your appreciation of your favorite drink by receiving hand-picked, small-batch 

tequilas every month delivered to your door.


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Become a Tequila

If you would like to take advantage of this offer and become a member of a wider community of tequila aficionados, join us today! As a Viva Tequila Festival Member, you will have access to exclusive tequilas, handpicked specially for you, you can learn more about agave-based products, and have access to incredible special offers.


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Gold Membership


  • Discounts for all things Viva Tequila Festival

  • Enjoy a full bottle per month

  • Shipping fees apply

  • Access to GOLD member-only events and activities

VIP Membership


  • High-end Agave Based products delivered directly to your door

  • Unique, handcrafted boutique tequilas reserved only for VIP members

  • 25% Discount on all things Viva Tequila Festival

  • Priority booking for Travel (Mexico experiences)

  • Priority seating for Dinner Series

  • VIP Exclusive events

  • Welcome gift

Viva Tequila Festival Membership Packages


Sip and shop with one of two different membership options:

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