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Boutique 90 points wine - Case Whites and Rose Piedemonte

This case contains a total of 12 bottles of Boutique 90 points wine

3 bottles of each one of our favorite wines from Piedemonte

(3 whites and 1 Rose)

- Chardonay

- Rose Garnacha

- Gamma (Viura, Chardonnay and moscatel)

- La Garra (Chardonnay and Viura)


Bodegas  Piedemonte was created by a group of enthusiastic wine  makers.

Thanks to its modern approach and the young group of professionals that formed it, over the years Piedemonte has embarked on a path of evolution anpresence in 22 international markets d real love for wine, leading to a and the achievement of recognition and several awards.

Boutique 90 points wine - Case Whites and Rose Piedemonte

  • We offer a very wide range of nuances, flavors and experiences that reflect the diversity of our land. Our wines have their own personality, with haptic characteristics marked by the expression of the fruit, a well-defined structure and optimal body and volume. This allows them to stand out in any market, as they adapt to almost all the tastes of any kind of consumer

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