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Dinner and Tequila Pairing

Dinner pairings usually involve wines, but what if you went beyond basic and paired your meal with TEQUILA?!

¡Viva Tequila Festival! enhances the dining experience with its Dinner Series, where the company’s connoisseurs work with Atlanta’s leading chefs to pair their most requested dishes with the perfect hand-crafted Tequilas and design unique culinary experiences and capitalize on the complex flavors of each Tequila or Mezcal.

We invite you to step away from tradition and delight, relax and enjoy each of our dinners while we match the Spirits of Mexico’s Highlands to your meal, from salad to dessert.

If you want to learn why a Silver, served neat and sipped slowly, pairs nicely with a mango-and-walnut salad, or why duck simmered with Asian spices and a smoky, aged Reposado work well together to enhance the flavors found in each, we think our dinner experiences will fit perfectly with your evening plans.

Viva Tequila Dinner Series
No events at the moment

May 14 -29

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